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4 Week Meditation Course

Learn to calm the overthinking mind and introduce more moments of mindfulness and peace. A weekly in person class, over four weeks. Led by Derek Aidoo; Meditation teacher. Learn how to meditate. Courses throughout the year in London. Book today.

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- How long is each session?

Each session lasts 1hr.

- How much does it cost?

The cost is £199, for four sessions (£79 for first time attendees).

- Will I be meditating for the entire 1hr?

No. Each session is divided into moments of meditation, as well as sharings, discussion and reflection.

- Where are the classes?

Locations vary throughout the London area. Please see locations displayed here on the website.

- Do I need to bring anything?

You will be told what to bring for each session. Most usually you will need to bring a warm blanket. Part of the session involves laying on the ground in Shavasana (yoga position). You should also bring some water.

- Do I get homework?

Yes, you will have a task each week to focus on to help develop your meditation practice based on what we do in class.




  • 4 Week Meditation Course

FRIDAY 21st, 28th April, 5th, 12th May  2023 @ 7pm to 8pm

RH Studios, Unit 5 Locks Lane, CR4 2JX.

  • Friends Fitness & Wellness Day

SUNDAY 19th February @ 11am

RH Studios, Unit 5 Locks Lane, CR4 2JX.

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